About Me

Hello to Everyone :)

I am Jane Kuismin (also known as Jane Peets), originally from Estonia, but nowadays living in Finland. Currently I am, a part of International Master’s programme in the Intercultural Teacher Education (ITE) programme at University of Oulu, Finland. Besides that I am specialized in Intercultural Competencies, Multiculturalism and Special Education. Also I have been organizing, administering, and leading youth camps for children from different cultures. Apart of this, I also have worked as a private tutor in order to support and develop students´personal skills.
             I have valuable study background and experience in education field, which mainly includes practical visits and working as a teacher, training and learning courses in different countries and cultures (Norway, Japan, South-Korea, Estonia, India, United Arab Emirates, Finland). In India, I completed Yoga Teacher Training. The Yoga Training course included, the foundation level of Hatha Yoga (Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas and Kriyas), Theory & Practice of Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Anatomy & Philosophy of Hatha Yoga, Chanting and Spiritual Satsang. The Yoga teacher training program provides me multidimensional ways to integrate Yoga in teaching to support mental and physical development of a child and an adult. Included myself, while exploring various countries and cultures. Moreover yoga training was the start for self-exploration, and an opportunity to understand more about my self-vision. To this end, I started Yoga classes for children and adults. My interest to developmental approaches have lead me to gain deepen knowledge also about Mindfulness. I have completed successfully Kalapa Leadership Academy training "Working with Mindfulness: Mindfulness in Organisations and Leadership Teams" by Chris Tamdjidi. Furthermore, I completed Mindfulness Fundamentals training, which were organized by Mindful Schools and have provided Mindfulness workshops for PHD students at University of Oulu. Various Mindfulness techniques has given me the tools to spend less time ruminating on the past and future, and more time being here and now. Furthermore, at the moment I am writing my final work about Mindfulness in educational settings. Besides all that, I am just Jane, whose life has not been always the easiest, but therefore it has been interesting and full of various lessons. My journey, has lead me to support individual and organizational changes, which are taking place. Moreover, I have presented my home country in multiple ways (for example: I have given courses at the university about Estonian education & culture, provided a course with Erja Gullsten in Oulun Opisto "Travelling around Estonia", created Estonian Language Club for Estonian children in Oulu, have presented Estonia while visiting different countries, provided Estonian Conversation Club for Finnish- Estonian speakers etc.) I am an active person, who enjoys traveling and exploring new places, different kind of sports (swimming, snowboarding, yoga, roller-skating, gym), being in nature, and spending time with my loved ones. Moreover professional development is a vital part of my life. My motto is that "everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day."

I love to share, and my blog is a supportive platform, where I am able to express myself while being away from home. In here you find different posts about my life in Finland as a forigner and about my home country Estonia. Moreover, I will write about my interests, improvements & challenges, and discoveries related to various topics.

Thank you for taking time to stop by💖