Something for men :)

Hei, hei :)

Today I would like to introduce you a great company from Estonia - Von Baer BagsThe company was established in order to reduce the spread of an epidemic that has affected the whole world: dull bags. To put it simply their main focus is to provide amazing leather bags :) Some examples:

Moreover, they have other products as well. For example: wallets, laptop bags, belts, etc. From a woman´s point of view, I love their simple, but special design,where classic meets modern.
     Christmas Day will soon be here...and it is very challenging to make a gift for a man, who has everything :)  I guess many of you have faced the same dilemma :) BUT not many men know about Estonian design, and I have wished to introduce it to my partner :) For this purpose, I played many weeks "online shark" to understand better what is actually offered there.  The internet allows access to an enormous marketplaces without geographical restrictions. Juhei :) And that´s how I found Von Baer Bags online store. Their webpage caught my attention immediately :) Mostly because it is professional and simple. Therefore, I was not targeting bags, my goal was to find a good leather belt!

This is the one! :)

And I found it! BUT to buy it, I had to know my partners waist measurements. Mmmmm...and I had no idea! For this purpose I had to play Sherlock Holmes for carrying out the investigation - to find out what size fill fit :D You can close your eyes and imagine a picture... there is a woman, desperate woman, who is digging through a men´s closet to find some kind of tips about her partner´s measurements. To be honest it was actually successful "operation". I found numbers like W36 L32...oh yeah, and what does they mean? No idea! And for ordering a belt I needed the waistline measurements. Then I just sent a message to Von Baer Bags, where I honestly admitted that I have no idea about men´s measurements, and maybe they can help me with this. And they helped me! Moreover, I got a news that they are opening a shop in Rotermanni 5, Tallinn, while I am in Estonia. Whuup,whuup! Mission was almost completed! I took my brother with me and together we figured out the best belt AND the best size for my partner :) Of course next day when I arrived to Finland, I couldn´t wait and I gave him the gift. And all my worries got disappeared :) It fit very well! đź’– I am truly proud of myself! :) Moreover, if you have any troubles or questions for finding right product for yourself or someone special, Von Baer Bags team will definitely help you out! Do not hesitate to contact them :)
To sum it up, my christmas present operation was at the end of the day success. AND moreover my idea to introduce Estonian design to my partner was achieved. He immediately searched more products from their webpage and found them to be very professional, high quality and classy. Juheeei! Now I can join Christmas without the stress. Everything is done! :) The surprise was successful :) The truth is that Estonia is a very small country, BUT there are so many great things hidden :) Please just take time to discover them :)

With love,