Creating memories and traditions :)

Hei, Hei :)

Hopefully you had a lovely weekend and having a good start for a new week :) It would be lovely to hear about your weekend. What did you do? Where did you go? Please feel free to share your thoughts/experiences :) I truly love to get to know new places, which are worth visiting :)

Many years I was working on weekends (had Estonian Kids Club on every Saturday and Relaxing Yoga class on Sundays). Besides that school work (essays/reading books, project deadlines etc.) Then not much time to recharge my batteries or taking time to myself. I was also facing burn out and had to go through the recovering process. After this, I promised to make some changes:

1. No working on weekends (only when it is truly necessary)
2. Saturday - Discovery Day
3. Sunday/Funday - Relaxation

So far, so good :)  And I guess you all know the well known fact that sleeping in on the weekends is not helping you to catch up on sleep you have lost during the week. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more :) As I have mentioned previously, I have always had super active life... Now when I moved to Helsinki, and have started my (our) life in a new place, everything has changed. My days are filled with writing, reading and sitting front of my computer. AND it is truly challenging, because I do not love routine :) Especially sitting in one place too long. However, at the moment I have accepted it and hopefully soon, soon it is over. Therefore, we have created traditions to make our life (considering the circumstances) more fun :)

Our beginning... 

Firstly, it is interesting to note that me and my partner have never had a "dating period" as such. We skipped it :) Both knew what they wanted and it matched :) Therefore, some cultures truly value dating, having romantic meetings with the aim getting to know each other.  Personally I do not know what is wrong or right...and I guess it depends on a person. However, I believe that basic values should match to ensure a healthy and harmonious relationship. When we think of our values, we think of what is important to us in life. Moreover, follow your heart, but take your brain with you :) I know plenty of people who are having "dating rules". Visions how things should be or not to be. For example:

- "Play hard to get"
- "Be mysterious"
-  Don´t have sex on the first date
-  Never being the first to indicate contact
-  Expecting a guy to pay
-  Dating only your "type"

I have always thought that it makes life so much more complicated :D I have loved to live my personal life without any plan. No rules. I have known what I want, what I have to offer, and what I need. There were times, when I truly admired those women, who were following some kind of "rules". Therefore, most of them settled for an unhappy relationship. In our case, we started from a long-distance relationship, got engaged after 5 months, now living together, soon getting married :) I will never forget when people recommended me to take it slow, not to rush, to be careful... asked me questions for example: Am I pregnant? - "No, I am not". Are you Jane sure about that? And my answer has always been the same: "Yes, I am!" :) How do you know that you are with a right person? (most asked question)...and the answer is: "Because my heart says so" :) To that end, I would like to ask:  what does it mean "moving too fast"/ "too slow"? Are there some speed measuring devices for relationships? I seriously do not get it! :) Every person should do exactly how they feel in their heart to be right :) Above all, I am truly grateful for my partner´s unconditional love and support đź’– Moreover, love at first sight might actually be possible...

Traditions :)

I come from a family, where we travelled a lot. My first trip abroad was when I was 4 years old. Surprise, surpise... destination was Finland :D After that my parents created family tradition "travelling through Europe" by car. How cool is that? :) Every summer we spent around three weeks in Europe (different countries, cities, villages etc). Moreover, winter vacations we spent skiing/snowboarding in Finland, Sweden or Norway. I am truly thankful for my parents for all the courage and will to expand our knowledge and broaden our experiences. For me it has given heightened curiosity to know more about the world. Also outside the Europe :) So far I have visited around 30 countries... and there is so much more to discover :) I am telling you this because it has changed in a way my life and have shaped me into who I am today. Moreover it has been an inspiration for creating my own traditions. I think there is a real beauty to be found in tradition - a beauty that may not propel us forward in the sense of quantifiable “progress” or change, but that does propel us forward as human beings in life wisdom, understanding and even emotional intellect. Indeed, aside from the more obvious - albeit equally important - function of tradition as a way to pass on the values, morals, customs and culture of one generation to the next, tradition also teaches us something about life, where we came from and who we are as people. Moreover, keeping traditions for the holidays as well as the ordinary days help teach children the things their family values. These traditions help fill the individual's need to belong. To make family traditions more memorable, take the time to talk about the special things your family does and why it is important to you. Include the children in planning and carrying out the special activities. This will give them a feeling of pride and belonging to actually be a part of the traditions. It also helps them to understand why your family does these special things...

Our traditions...

Collecting memories rather than material things has certainly paid off... memories remain a whole lifetime, things do not. As mentioned previously, I made some changes in my life and gave value to weekends. I truly believe that when you find your "perfect match", then doing things together can help you bring you closer together. Whether you believe that the couple that prays together stays together, plays together stays together, or any variation thereof, the truth is that couples who enjoy doing things together are more likely to last. Developing comfortable routines, making great memories, and creating traditions you share and enjoy together can be just what you need to always stay both friends and in love. Having separate interests is absolutely fine, but there should also be things you enjoy doing together, whether daily, weekly, or annually :) We have a few traditions that we have created together and also carried over from our families. 

Weekends are for us exploring days.  Now when we are closer to Estonia, we spend weekends in their or in Finland. Even though I am estonian, then nowadays I am a tourist in my home country and exploring with my partner different places and things to do in their. Moreover, Helsinki region is new for both of us...then it is a great opportunity to get to know more about the area. Step by step :) So far for example we have visited Kiasma, Helsinki Art Museum (HAM), Heureka, Helsinki Cathedral, Karl Fazer Cafe, Helsini Zoo, etc. These are maybe the most popular places, which we have visited so far. Also we have been in different restaurants, we both love oriental food and to discover new tastes. For example Lebanese, Mexican, Indian, Nepalese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Turkish cuisines. The list is long :) And we have had good and not so goot experiences :)

Visiting Martin Markkinat :)
Helsinki city centre- it has so many beautiful christmas decorations :)

Helsinki Cathedral - the half of it :D
Nature Walk :)
In Tallinn Christmas Market :)
Moreover, Sundays we take usually easy, and do sports together. Very often we go swimming :) And hopefully soon we try also cold water swimming. It has so many great benefits :) Secretly I hope it will take form of a new tradition :) And of course we have kept travelling tradition, soon, soon I will let you know about our next holiday destination :) At the moment we are searching the best location for us :) We are planning to leave before or after Christmas. Let´s see... :) If you noticed (I am sure you all did), I skipped the value of the Christmas tradition as such... the value is actually there. From my side, 25th of December is very important. On this day we celebrate Christmas with relatives :) And of course, Christmas means different things to different people. For me it is a heartwarming time with family. Even though, I give value and importance to spend quality family time together along the year :) 
In conclusion, I hope you all have time to explore and spend quality time with your loved ones :) Not only during the Christmas time, but along the year, while having your own traditions and ways of doing things :) Life is short, and just do not miss the opportunites to spend time with the people that you love đź’– The greatest gift what you can give to someone, is your timeđź’—

See you soon again :)

Your Jane