Discover something amazing - Where to go and what to do in Estonia?

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very often I am asked, what to do and where to go in Estonia? Today I would like to introduce you something different, besides all the museums, restaurants, clubs etc. Something which balances your mind, body & soul. As you might know, Estonia is a dreamland for nature lovers. This is the place where land meets the sea, bogs are interpersed with forest, fields, and rivers & lakes. Moreover Estonian nature offers yearlong opportunity for nature watching, which include many untouch beaches, more than 1.000 small islands, heritage landscape, primeval forests, swamps, bogs, winding rivers with natural riverbeds, which are all habitats for many rare species of animals and birds. 

By Romet Vaino.

Sounds amazing? It truly is worth exploring! Now I would like to introduce you a great person from Estonia. His name is Romet Vaino and he is sharing his personal discoveries through stories about his trips in Estonian wilderness in his blog Metaloodus. Moreover, he is making it happen and presenting a beautiful opportunity to have him as a guide on mindful nature tours, where he is inviting you to be part of Estonian nature. Romet is saying: "I believe my tours are meant for curious minds who would like to get the glimpse of Estonian wilderness. Those tours are not specialised birding or mammal tours. Instead I would like to take to bogs and other places where I rarely meet any Estonians and tell you stories about our relationships with those landscapes." 


Firstly, because I know you will be in "good hands". I know Romet personally, and his passion for nature and photography. He has a great understanding and knowledge of the natural world. Moreover, I am truly happy that he is willing to share his passion with others, and is willing to offer people unforgettable experiences. And the best thing is that he is offering his trips in English as well! Then do not miss this opportunity! :)

Secondly, people who are visiting Estonia, very often only talk about Tallinn. Therefore, there is so much more to explore. The connection with nature, is one of the most important experiences. As a result you will come into balance and experience a greater sense of peace and connection within yourself and with others around you. Moreover you really feel the place, because nature offers authentic adventure and discovery. There are plenty of research that exposure to nature is good for people´s health, well-being and happiness :)

Thirdly, Estonian nature is truly beautiful and just worth to visit! :) In Estonian wilderness you are able to celebrate life´s precious moments :)


Romet is usually offering two types of tours: Day tours and Night tours
Day tours take place when the sun is up. And usually the experience is 3-4 hours long. Night tours, which are very popular among Estonians, are mostly recommended in July and August. However, every season has its own beauty and Romet is offering night trips of the year according to your needs and time schedule.

More information about the tours, you can find from here:


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Feel free to contact him, and plan your trip together :) Besides all this, Romet is also a great photographer, who truly values and respects the beauty of nature. Take a look into his Gallery, where you can find amazing photos from Estonia.

By Romet Vaino.
By Romet Vaino.
By Romet Vaino.
By Romet Vaino.
By Romet Vaino.

 "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" -
Albert Einstein

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