Best haircut - a mother´s magic hands :)

Hei again :)

last week I visited Estonia. Mostly because I had to renew my ID card and passport, and besides that I had a job interview for one position (this I will discuss later on). I do not visit Estonia very often, even though nowadays I live much closer. Therefore, every time when I have chance to go there my heart is filled with pure happiness. It is always so lovely to spend time with my family and meet my friends. While visiting Estonia, I usually also visit a hairdresser. For the simple reason that the service is much cheaper in Estonia than in Finland. For example, the cost for coloring + haircut is in Estonia around 40-45€. Therefore in Finland the haircut is already around 40€. Those who know me, know also that I love changes and especially to try out different hairstyles. Unfortunately this time my hairdresser was so busy that didn´t have time for me. But I had a great vision in my mind, that had to come to real :) Then I asked my mother to cut my hair and the outcome is really great! I could not be happier :) By the way, she is not a hairdresser, just great mom, who is multitalented.
Short hair is better :)

Originally, I have curly hair, and very often I face some struggles what only women with curly hair will understand :D Dealing with curles is not an easy task, therefore it is a true gift :) Also, three years ago I lost all my hair, and had to wear wig for a certain period of time. I was going through a very difficult time in my life, where the outcome was depression. I came out from this period of my life and have learned my lessons :) It has truly made me a stronger person and made me better equipped to face the present. Moreover, I am able to support other people, who are going through challenging times.

Happy with my wig :) 2014
Otherwise my curles look like this. 2011 (Japan)
Or something like that :) 2016

Then the moral of the story is...there are always ways how to make your vision a reality :) 

A big thank you for my mother đź’•