New location :)

Dear all,

I took some time for sharing. As always my life has been quite hectic and recently I was busy also with moving. End of May I was honored to move from Oulu to Kankaanpää, which is a very small place compared to other locations in Finland. My time In Oulu, was great...but the city itself, was one of the most challenging places where I have been. It is a good place for studying, but when we wish to talk about multicultural environment and integration outside the university, then this location needs some improvements. Moreover, Oulu has named Capital of northern Scandinavia, which honestly is not worth the name "capital". Sad but true :) However, I still enjoy my visits there, but I am happy that my location changed. Therefore, Kankaanpää is bigger (around 11,700 inhabitants)  than my home town Rapla (around 6000 inhabitants) in Estonia, I never felt it. It is still unknown what people actually are doing there, because there are not many options. Also I was surprised that during the summer, this place had only one bigger event there, where I saw people having fun :) Interesting experience it was...therefore, I had a chance to take some time off. I truly need it, and being in a relaxed environment was really supportive.  However, from Kankaanpää we planned to move closer to Helsinki. And a few weeks ago it finally happened! :) NB: I am truly grateful for my fiance, who is a doer, not a talker. 
Our new location is in Espoo, where we are renting an apartment. We were so lucky that never had a chance to see our chosen apartment beforehand :) Only few pictures, which did not tell much. Therefore in the end, everything went well.

Here are some good sites, where to find accommodation :)

We had a principal, to take with us things, what we truly need. Also that our moving process is fun and stress free :) Both principles were accomplished :) During my life, I have moved so many times, that I took it as normal part of life. Therefore it made me a bit nostalagic towards all various locations where I have been (Estonia, Norway, Japan, South-Korea, Dubai, India etc.). Also I need to admit that by now I should be "professional packer", however it is not actually true. Crossing out what I actually do not need, has never been the easiest and it always takes a lot of time. Then I just try to remind myself that things come and go, and emotional attachment to my stuff leads me to the situation where the things I own can control me in a number of ways. And I end up like a "hamster", who spend a considerable amount of their time collecting sorting and storing food, and after all that hard work the last thing they want is for someone, or some scavenger to come along and take it away from them. In the wild and in captivity they go to great lengths to protect it, and should something remove it can cause her to become very anxious and distressed. I have tried to avoid it! :D

Where do I belong?

The reality is that Helsinki area is truly new location for me. Even though it is much closer to Estonia, I do not have many connections here. Also, from my side it needs commitment, strength and positive mindset to build up my life again. However, the biggest difference at the moment is that recent years I have been alone in the process of discovery and settling in, but luckily now I have my lovely partner with me. And together is much better :) Therefore, I found Finland challenging place where to integrate. People have always told me that in Helsinki area it is easier, compared to North. People are more open-minded and "global". Let´s see, is it actually true or not :)

Here is also interesting article about survey, conducted by InterNations -

Finland is great for expat families but difficult to settle in, finds survey 

 However, many years I have struggeled with the thought or a question, where do I belong? By now I have found an answer. Home is where the heart is. And for me it is connected to my family and my fiance, which means that I belong to Finland and to Estonia. In one point I was truly interested about third culture kids and about their lives... They are citizens of everywhere, and nowhere, I found many similarities connected to my own life. However the main difference is that these kids/adults usually do not have one mother country, and they have spent significant time of their developmental years outside their parents culture. I just found myself in one stage of my life lost between different countries and cultures, where I stayed. Being Estonian in global community, is like moving from countryside to the city, where you realize that there is so much to discover, and so many ways how to make things happen. Everything seems so exciting and new. And then in one point you understand, that this new location is just a stopping place, where people come and go, and only few will stay...

As I wrote, at the moment I belong to Finland and my home country will always be Estonia. But overall I consider myself to be part of this world... and see the bigger picture as a global citizen :)

What am I doing here?

First weeks of course we have tried to design our apartment, in a way that it feels home :) At the same time I am writing my thesis, and conducted research part in Suomenlinna. One year ago I had an opportunity to get to know Terhi Takanen, who have created Co-Creative Process Inquiry (CCPI). Moreover she has been focused on topic: The Power of Being Present at Work. This has been area, which I have been truly interested in. With her support and guidance I had a chance to be part of "The Significance of Spiritual Values in Contemporary Education and Research" Colloquium at Snellman College, where I shortly also introduced some of the outcomes from my research. It has been truly interesting journey, where I am working on something, which could support educational field from various perspectives. Moreover, I have tried to find yoga instructor jobs in Helsinki area. Searching a job, while have not completed my degree, has been quit challenging. Sometimes even impossible task, where being rejected has been normal part of it. It has not been always pleasant. Therefore, I have still continued and not wished to give up, AND 28th of October I have invited to give yoga demo class in LähiTapiola Sport Center. Juhei!Finally things have started to move forward :) Lets hope the best! My main biggest lesson so far has been not to give up! There has been many days, where I truly question myself, especially am I doing the right thing? It is not easy, and sometimes even seems hopeless, but then I focus on the positive and find again the connection between my heart and mind, which gives so much strength and faith to move on. Sometimes it is good to take time off, for realizing where am I right deepen the connection with myself and the surroundings.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

Here you can find some pictures from my time in the new location :) Enjoy :)

Reunion with my stepdaughter :)

Beautiful autumnal day in Espoo :)

Nature in Suomenlinna.
Amazing people from the Creative Teamwork Course.
My first self made sandwich cake for my lovely fiance :)

And then we have practised couple art. So cool! I love to be creative and I am so happy that my partner has the willingess to make my ideas come true :)

Couple art vol 1.
Couple art vol 2.
Me writing my thesis. Usually my face is not so happy :D
And these two pictures are more to show my cool shoes. I was fortunate to score two pairs of shoes, which were in total ONLY 20€, from SPR Kontti in Espoo (Nimismiehenpelto 6). It is a flea market, which belongs to Punainen Risti (Red Cross). It is possible to be fashionable, while being economically wise :)

Pink shoes, only 8 € ;)
Green-Blue shoes, only 12€ ;)
Thank you for your time and have a beautiful autumn! :)

Soon I will be here again :*

Your Jane