Beautiful Finnish Jewelry Design

Hei all :)

I have long time wished to share my favourite jewelery designers in Finland.
Now it is the time! 

Kalevala Koru Oy (Kalevala Jewelry) is one of the largest jewelry manufactures in northern Europe. The company designs, manufactures, high quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry, and owns two high-level consumer brands: Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry. Their environmental - friendly production uses recycled gold and silver. Moreover all of their designing and manufacturing happens in Finland, and favours the local raw materials. Their design suit everyone, who are valuing simple, but high quality design, which has been inspired by stories, people, traditions, nature, and present events. Also they have collections for men. 

Last year I made a birthday present to my mother, I call it "The Sun", which represents my mother´s continuous care, love and optimism.

Mother´s Birthday gift - Carousel Pendant.

                                By the way, White Jewelry Collection celebrates this year
                                                 Kalevala Jewelry´s 80th anniversary!
Happy Birthday!

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Lumoava (Finnish adjective for "enchanting") is the epitome of Finnish design and jewelry. Each creation is authentic as it is artistic. You truly feel designer´s creativity, ideals and souls in the Lumoava brand. Besides women, they have also thought about men.

When I came to Finland as a student, I did not know much about Finnish jewelry design. My main focus of course was on my studies. Therefore I was honoured to meet a very special person (I know that sometimes you still stop by and read me), who made me a present: Butterfly Necklace (originally Damsel Pendant). I am still so grateful for You, because the necklace, which you chose, represents true me. By the way, my friend did not know, that butterflies have special symbolic meaning in my life.  They have such a magical presence and quality, as they gently dance on the air from flower to flower. And in spiritual world butterly is a symbol of powerful transformation. For me they represent never ending cycle of life, as well as the beauty of life´s continous unfolding. NB: Also on my engagement ring is a butterfly :)

My Butterfly :)

Enjoy the discovery - Collections
Moreover, I like their wedding ring collections. In one point I could easily been named a "wedding ring researcher". After my studies we are getting married (Juhei :)) and for that reason when I feel sometimes overwhelming feelings related to academical work, I just stop and start exploring magical jewelry world.  I prefer white gold, instead of red or yellow gold and my favourite wedding ring at the moment from Lumoava collection is Eden Ring.

Eden Ring.

Therefore I need to admit that we have not made our minds yet. And we have wished to explore also Estonian designers wedding ring collections. I will keep you updated :)

More wedding rings from Lumoava:)

It is time for me to sum up :) I truly believe that every piece of jewelry tells a powerful story. And the beauty lies during the process making it our own, while combining it with the deisgners story. There is true magic in jewelry, what we are chosen to wear, which in a way represents and reminds us what we love and what makes us feel more confident and ready to face the world. Also it is a way of keeping memories alive :) Lumoava and Kaleva collections are truly representing the beauty of Finland - purity, simplicity and quality. Each piece of jewelry is an art, which has its own story to tell.
With love,

Jane :)


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    1. Hei Jessica, thank you for your lovely comment :) Unfortunately, I hear about it first time, but will check it out and let you know my opinion :)


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