Happy Birthday!

Dear Readerđź’•

Recently I have been reading my old posts, which I have written. It turned out that my first blog post was written six years ago. Wow!  I am positively surprised :) All my writing is mostly done in estonian language, only sometimes I have used some english references. The simple reason has been to keep my mothertongue language skills while being away from home. Therefore I realized that most of my friends are living all around the world (including my students), and our common language is mostly English. It lead me to overcome my fear and gave me insight from now on also to write in English. I need to admit that I have never felt confident while using or writing in English, even though recent years I have been living abroad. Here I need to say thank you to my english language teachers, who made me clear that this is definitely not the language for me. However, I still manage and I need to admit that being estonian does not make me also fluent in my mothertongue. SO... from now on, my beloved friends, all around the world you are able to read my posts. No need for translation anymore :) Here you can mostly find reading about my life. Nowadays more about my thoughts and experiences related to Finland and Estonia. Moreover you can find also information about Mindfulness and Yoga :)

All people, who are away from their home countries, know that building up a life in another country is never easy. It requires commitment, will, patience, optimism and moreover hard work.  We all have our hopes and dreams, some more realistic than others. Welcome to my world, where every day is different, while being foreigner in this beautiful and challenging country, which is called Finland :)

Hopefully we can share some fruitful conversations and thoughts in here :) I am sure that there are many people out there, who are also searching their way in this beautiful world. Together is better :) 

With loveđź’•